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«Sports Experts» Quiz

«Sports Experts» Quiz

From November 23 to December 13, 2020, an intellectual quiz «Sports Experts» was held online. Participants were asked 120 questions, 30 of them they were to answer in random order within a limited time (10 minutes). The winner and prize-winners in the individual competition were determined by the best result and by the minimum time spent on answers. The team scoring included indicators of the percentage of group members to the total number and the total number of correct answers of all group members. The quiz was attended by288 cadets and 298students of all faculties of our University. Group 02.13 of the Ship-Engineering Faculty was recognized the best intellectual group of the quiz «Sports experts». In the individual competition, the best «sports expert» was Stepan Kuzmin, a cadet of group 02.13 of the Ship-Engineering Faculty, who gave 30 correct answers to 30 questions in 8 minutes and 21 seconds.

Department of Theory, Methodology and Practice of Physical Culture and Sports

19 january 2021 year