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Learn with us!

Learn with us!

On June 20, another group of the University teachers successfully completed training at the Center for Coordination of e-learning and distance training. To date, 249 University teachers have gained knowledge on creating their own courses in the e-learning system «Course» at the Nevelskoy MSU. The teachers are ready to expand opportunities for communication with students through the use of modern educational technologies. Login to the «Course» is carried out from the main page of the University site, on the «blue button». We offer to familiarize with demo versions of some courses in a guest access. After following the link, select «Guest Login». On their own initiative the University teachers use the e-learning system «Course» to organize the students` extracurricular independent work in higher and secondary education programs as a supplement to the educational process. Today the e-learning system «Course» allows you to:

• access the work programs of disciplines (modules), practices and electronic educational resources specified in the work programs;

• form elements of the student`s electronic portfolio, including the preservation of the student`s papers, reviews and assessments for these papers by any participants in the educational process;

• form interaction between the participants of the educational process, including synchronous and asynchronous interaction via the Internet.


26 июня 2019 года

Learn with us!