Manga Design





The Studio:
Emily Sato (Sato) - Tokyo (Tokyo University students)
Pauline Trusov - Vladivostok (post-graduate student of Moscow State University named after Admiral Nevelskoy..)



1) Promotion of manga on the Russian market by the example of the implementation of the manga of the project:
"108 days around the world in a balloon" (the first character types and sketches see. Here).
2) The adaptation of the system under the manga vector design tasks
3) Participation in competitions manga



Club Captain Vrungel
Fedor Konyukhov - traveler
Valentine Efremov - balloonist
Gregory Potocki - sculptor (Moscow)
Academy of Kidness international
Studio Condo Yukio - artist from Tokyo


Naito 2-24-26, Kokubunji-shi, Tokyo-to, 185-0033, Japan





Nataly Sato  Coordinator and russin translator

8 – 914 42 26 737

1-9-19-302, Higast, Kunitachi-shi, Tokyo, 186-0002

Tel: (0) 42-572-8718

Mobile: (0)80-4375=7770

E-mail: 'mednetjapan@gmail.com'


Kashmir Yukio Kondo and his totem already Vector
Future plans:
Mark the 75th anniversary of the famous Japanese traveler Naomi Uemura - the balloon on about Sado - Japan's geographic center. In memory of him to put in a Tibetan monastery on the island of the mandala.

To conduct a master class for calculating the geographical center of Japan, on the balloon to rise above this point, put the mandala.


Perfomans 1 Юкио Кондо in MGU

Perfomans 2  Emily Sato in Mgu


Первые упражнения студентов МГУ


Ищем типаж для «путешествия вокруг света на воздушном шаре за 108 дней»




Снежный  человек Секу  - наш друг - читайте здесь